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Hearts and Hands - ....'Gone a gone-gone' ...for now

Hel Bel Records has withdrawn Five Star Crooks debut album 'Hearts and Hands' from sale, discontinuing the barcode 9369999046453, catalogue number HB777666. There are 300 copies in circulation, so if you own one of these copies you're one of the lucky ones. Hel Bel Records intends to remaster the recording and rebirth the album under a new catalogue number at a later date. 'Hearts and Hands' was released on May 1st, 2014. The song 'Lady Teacher' passed through several rounds of judging for the Independent Music Awards in 2015 in the category 'Best Hard Rock Song', falling just short of the final five Nominee's. Rock Bandom Magazine gave a rave review of the album:

"Super rock band keeping it old school like it should be. Fast paced with all the right notes in all the right places combined with some super riffs and some great melodic vocals, these guys really are a pleasure to listen to. Vocally fantastic, lyrically superb and the music just rocks".

Hearts and Hands was captured and mixed by legendary sound engineer Bill Irvin at his Pearcedale studios, with track nine, 'No Risk, No Reward' mixed by Sid Grondman, AC/DC's front of house sound engineer in Australia during the 70's.

'Hearts and Hands', rock and roll's your doctor, Salute.

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